Be a Hero Don't worry

Proud Boys Official Website

The time to stand back and stand by is over.

The Federal Bureau of Injustice spent nearly a year infiltrating the Proud Boys and the next 26 months prosecuting a witch hunt on our beloved fraternity.

Over the last 2 years we have worked tirelessly to determine the government infiltrated sections of the fraternity, and played the 5d chess we learned from the President who was actually elected, Donald Trump.

We tricked them into outing themselves like the FBI tricked a small portion of our members into their entrapment operation in Washington D.C. January 6th, 2021.

On September 11, 2021, we abolished all national governing bodies, all voting bodies across state lines, and restored the fraternity to the original glory.

We are now as we were from 2016- November 2018. Each Proud Boy chapter is a standalone, fully autonomous men's club.

While we share ritual and idea, we no longer have any organization level that would even allow the FBI to have jurisdiction.

Therefore we are now launching this website.

Expect imposters or attempts to undermine it, but this is the only official site.

We are not criminals or terrorists. We are men making each other better men and our communities safer and more prosperous.

If the left and the illegally installed Let's Go Brandon regime hates us this much, we must be doing something awesome and we are inviting all men who think the west is the best to join us.

Email with the closest city and we will have the local autonomous chapter contact you.


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